Stacje paliw

Jako firma budujemy, modernizujemy i przebudowujemy sieci jaki i przyłącza gazowe. Pracujemy zarówno na rurach stalowych jak i plastikowych PE 100 RC.
Działamy w branży gazowniczej, gdzie posiadamy ponad 40-letnie doświadzcenie. Projektujemy i wykonujemy, gazociągi, przyłącza gazowe. Remontujemy sieci i instalacje gazowe. Posiadamy specjalistyczny sprzęt do wykonywania robót. Współracujemy z firmami takimi jak: PGNiG SA, PSG Sp. z.o.o., Budimex SA, Torpol SA, Energopol SA, ZUE SA, IMB Podbeskidzie Sp. z o.o..
Culture of Cities
We create cultural buildings with unique abilities to generate identity for people and cities. To us, it is about designing places that inspire visitors and where people also have the opportunity to inspire each other. These buildings give architecture, art, culture, history, and nature the opportunity to meet. We see this as an invitation to let the architecture vibrate with artistic audacity, life, and joy. A cultural building must be the optimal setting for artists, while also serving as a building for the community and a meeting place for all.
Age of Technology
We design master plans and urban spaces full of life, always resting on the shoulders of the local culture and its social rituals. Without this local rooting, cities cannot become places where people feel seen and understood. The planning and transformation of large urban areas has a decisive impact on the entire cycle of how we live, work and interact with each other. To us, it is always about shaping and situating urban spaces so they relate to the human scale. One must not feel overwhelmed or alienated in a city. We work to increase the cohesion of cities and to design lively communities that people want to live in or visit.